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Mission Ukraine 2022
Helping Ukrainians wherever they are 

We are going to Poland and Germany to visit refugee camps

in organizations that help out refugee camps

and bring food and supplies in minister to people in need.


Mission team in Ukraine. Missionary Rick , Me, Pastor Yan and his wife Valentina and translator and children ministry leader Snezhauna.

May 11, 2022

Hello All!

For the next 3 weeks I will be on assignment with Rabbonis Love international visiting refugees  and ministries that help refugee in Germany,Poland and the Chez Republic.

Today we meet with Pastor  Kostya from Munich. Over 100 refugees, small children and women have entered his church since the war.  Some are widows with small children, other have husbands that  are left back in Ukraine to fight 

We are planning to set up children programs and provide them in setting close to their home  environment for comfort and console woman now staring their lives over taking it day by day.

Also in Munich , we met with Rustlin from Youth with a mission. This organization is all over the world . They are training center for the youth for discipleship. They train for 3 months and then go to another country for 3 months to do missions work.


Cure the feed  people and  transport people from Ukraine  and  transport people from the danger areas in Ukraine. The camp had 15 people and then they find they homes and jobs  and then bring in more people . They are doing fund raising and collecting goods bur the needs are great as it cost 235 euros a day to feed the people.

If you want to donate to any of this causes please do so at 

Thank you all for your continued prayers and support!

Treasurer and Missionary 

Rabbonis Love international 

May 12, 2022

Today was another interesting day.


We met with a family that just arrived from Odessa Ukraine. These are relatives of families we already support. They came here and are waiting for the government to give them the stipend  of money to survive. We were able to bring groceries to them. They were on the third floor which is been significant in my ministry because we’ve met so many people are on the third floor and it has a biblical meaning for me so I knew we were supposed to help them more than just groceries because I could not leave them with no financial resources. Now they have enough to hold them self over until they get help from the German government. They were very grateful to our ministry for helping them out.

Tomorrow morning we start at 5 am with a prayer meeting with our church in Odessa Ukraine.Then we will travel to another pert of Germany to visit a camp there and also a pastor wife and Evangelist called Nadia. She has moved to Germany from Kiev. Her husband is still in Ukraine and holds a refugee camp there. We will be there for 2 days.

May 15th.jpeg

May 15, 2022

Good afternoon! 


Each trip brings on a life of its own. I never know what to expect or what will be required. In the past, it has been sneakers and food. This trip seems like it is pots and pans and bicycles.


The government here in Germany gives payments for housing and food. It is sufficient if you live in the villages but not in the city, so help with food is necessary. For the people who go to the villages, then transportation is a problem. Bicycles are essential; everyone here rides bikes to get groceries.


Although government gives money for good, I have discovered they do not have much to cook with, so this is why pots and pans and other household items are essential. We will meet with six families near Switzerland who will bring some food supplies, cooking pans, moos, brooms, and cleaning supplies. 


We might be buying a washing machine for you one family. We first have to hear if the government will provide it first. 


Another issue the Ukrainian people face is some of the German hosts are very controlling and want the Ukrainians to report everything they do. We're praying that each family can get into a home that fits their lifestyle and personal style. They are trying to learn to live again. 


They are in a country where they do not understand their language. If nobody knows English, then it is hard to communicate. Even the street signs are difficult for them to read. 


I will keep you updated with any other news I have! 


Thank you all for your support! 

May 18, 2022

Good evening from Poland!

We just finished up our second city in Poland and driving to our final destination in Poland. We brought meet with the director of the orphanage for the second day.


Yesterday we brought the children toys , candy and supplies. Today we supplied them with the medical supplies they need for the children as well as gave the directors some resources for travel to pick up additional supplies. 


I was able to take pictures of these precious children under the condition I would not share them on social media for protection reasons . If you would like to see them then we can schedule some time together when I return.


In the second  city we meet with 2 pastors from Ukraine that now live in Poland as well as a couple from an organization from Rhema that have lived in Ukraine for 25 years. They now live in the United States. We are going to organize together teams of people to go over and help this orphanage as well as people to help with the healing process after the war. From trauma therapist to construction workers to re build the churches that were destroyed. 

unnamed (1).jpeg

May 20, 2022

Good afternoon from Krakow Poland,

This morning we met with two pastors. The first pastor was Maxim. The have a distribution center for the refugees in Poland and send supplies back to all rejoins of Ukraine. The send a truck loan of food and clothing once a week to Ukraine.  About 150 on average come into the shelter for food and clothes. 100 Ukrainian came to the shelter yesterday and 200 came the day before 


The second pastor is Pastor Igor. He oversees all Slavic churches. He has welcomed us to a conference in Prague. There we will lift up the youth to develop them to minister in the ministry.


We are also going to open up a church in Munich Germany with is mostly Ukrainian refugees. Meanwhile we are still delivering food in the Ukraine though Pastor Nikolai 

Have a blessed day!

Steve Bibisi

Missionary for Ukraine 

April 23, 2022

Good Evening from Germany,


Even in a rest day the mission is moving forward. I thank God for open doors. Today we talked in Zoom with a couple from Rhema that wants to come to Poland and continue the work with the orphanage with the 700 children from Odessa Ukraine. We see a continuing effort in this orphanage for the benefit for the precious children there.


At the grocery store I met two Ukraine refugees from Odessa Ukraine (this is in Germany where I am now) and was able to pay for their groceries for them. We continue to support Ukraine refugees. The interesting thing is I felt last night  I needed to go to the store and look for Ukraine refugees to bless. 


A praise report :
Pastor Yan son in law was under 50 feet when an Russian missile hit the ground and the missile hit and it did not detonate.


God bless! 

Steven Bibisi

Missionary for Ukraine 


May 26, 2022

Good morning from Germany,


Today is my last day in Strausenbach and tomorrow I head to Prague Chez Republic for a youth conference and then on to Munich Germany.

We have been able to personally support 10 Ukraine refugees here as well as the six Families near Switzerland and support refugees at a corporate level. I am referring to the food shelters  and the orphanages. We were able to provide clothing for summer for the 10 refugees here.  All their clothes were left home in Odessa when they had to evacuate.


If you remember in some areas that grocery stores are far and there is no public transportation. They also are washing clothes by hand in some areas. We purchased a bicycle for one family and a washing machine for another. 


Steven Bibisi
Missionary for Ukraine 


This is what Pastor Nikolai for Odessa Ukraine wrote. He is the pastor in Ukraine that helps us serve the people there. There was a woman that was shot by the Russians but survived that we are helping.


Hi Brother!

We finally got to Kholodnaya Balka.  Igor was able to refuel.  We gave 10 packages there.  People are really recently under fire.  Kharkov, Donetsk, Nikolaev.  One granny was pulled out three fragments from her spine.  She wears a corset.  People are very grateful.  They gave them the Gospels, prayer books.  Leave contacts.  Thank you very much!


May 27, 2022

Good evening from Chez Republic,

Tonight we attended a youth conference which will go to tomorrow. There were some of the youth we knew from Odessa so it was good to see them. The pastor's wife was reunited with one of the young ladies from her church. You can just see the love between them and it was therapeutic for each other to be able to share the service together. It was like hearing another message onto of the one being preached.

There were 100 at the conference and Rabbonis Love is responsible for getting 35 people of 35% of the people there. Your donations have made an investment in a young person's life and that will reap great dividends. This is what Rabbonis Love is all about. Spreading the love of Jesus to all the children no matter how small or how old. You be a father for the fatherless and a voice of the voiceless.

I have attached a short video

God bless!

Steven Bibisi

Missionary for Ukraine 


May 28, 2022

Good evening from Germany,


We finished our two days of the youth conference in Prague Chez Republic and spent the day with our Ministry team seeing the city. 


Here are some photos and also a photo testimony of the washing machine we purchase for one family. 


Steven, hi.


We send thanks - a photo of another purchase.

Dasha, who has three small children, bought a washing machine 

thank you very much 


One more service in Munich and then unfortunately I will be back in the states.  I have receive my orders to travel all of Europe to help Ukraine people wherever they are. I will let you know where we will be heading on our next trip! 


May 31, 2022

This is Pastor Nikolai, the pastor in Ukraine that helps us serve the people there. During the visit, we came across a woman that was shot by Russians. Thankfully she survived, and we are now in the process of helping her.  


Here is what Pastor Nikolai wrote for Odessa Ukraine.:


Hi Brother!

We finally got to Kholodnaya Balka. Igor was able to refuel. We gave 10 packages there. People are recently under fire. Kharkov, Donetsk, Nikolaev. One granny has pulled out three fragments from her spine. She wears a corset. People are very grateful. They gave them the Gospels and prayer books. Leave contacts.


Thank you very much!

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